Gym & Fight Club

Paramount to a healthy lifestyle is to have a healthy body. Yes, our gym caters to the needs of our youth without undermining the privacy of our women. With dedicated time slots for women, our women now have a place where they could go and train. We have a team of trainers, who have proven to be some of the very best trainers in Melbourne.

HIYC Gym & Fight Club

Fitna Free Gym

From strength training to Martial arts, HIYC Gym really has something for everyone regardless of your fitness level or your age. Located at one of the rear quadrant within the centre with easy accessibility, both from the outside and inside, we operate from sunrise to the late hours of the night, making sure that our community is fit.


HIYC aims to provide a safe and friendly environment for the youth of the local community that facilitates and promotes learning, a healthy and active lifestyle, the development of virtuous character and an enlightenment of the spirit based on Islamic principles.


  • 1-15 Motto Drive Coolaroo
  • (03) 9305 4811
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