Prayer Area

The prayer area (musallah) at HIYC can accommodated hundreds, with segregated men and womens ablution area (wudu) and prayer areas. The 5 regular prayers are offered daily, Jumu'ah prayer & Taraweeh prayers. The musallah is also used for qura'an classes, lectures, fiqh & tafseer lessons. With close and plentiful parking, it makes it easy for all patrons to attend.

Learning Centre

Empowering people by imparting knowledge is the key to success. HIYC prides itself in offering sound Islamic knowledge be it by the main sheikh Abu Ayman himself or various other scholars of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah. Almost every day of the week the musallah is occupied for a dars (classes) between maghrib to isha.


Education is one of the priorities at HIYC, its teachings are based on the Qur’an and Sunnah, following closely the understanding of the pious predecessors. The organization directs most of its efforts towards lessons, lectures, seminars and educational circles. The task of education is carried by a group of Sheikhs who are not only well versed in the Islamic Sciences, but also have vast experience and involvement in the Australian community. Of the Sheikhs and teachers who are part of the organization, the most renowned are Sheikh Muhammad Omran (Abu Ayman).

Qur'an Classes

At the HIYC, Qura'an classes are held 4 days / week for children. Adults courses are also held at different times throughout the year.


HIYC aims to provide a safe and friendly environment for the youth of the local community that facilitates and promotes learning, a healthy and active lifestyle, the development of virtuous character and an enlightenment of the spirit based on Islamic principles.


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