HIYC carries out a number of community based projects. Hume Islamic Youth Centre runs a range of services to support the needs of individuals and groups in our community. Our priority lies in the betterment of the society by giving good guidance to the youth, and in general providing them with sound support. The aim of working towards forming a strong brotherhood amongst the people of our community. Our volunteer team at HIYC is also dedicated towards helping those affected by calamities across the world.

Da'wah Information & services

HIYC offers a wide range of dawah information from free pamphlets and CD/DVD’s for public use.

Hajj & Umrah Packages

Annual Hajj groups are also organized by ASWJ. The campaign has been ongoing for the last 13 years and is well known to be amongst the best Hajj groups in Australia.

Social Media

Catering to the needs of the Y generation, we are actively involved in promoting our services through social media. Social Media plays an important role in advertising the centre’s events.

Reception & Function Room

There is a dedicated reception area available to the Muslim community for hire at a low rate, fully equipped with kitchen, tables and chairs it can be used for many different types of events.

Eid Celebration

For over a decade the organization has been holding Eid prayers outdoors in accordance to the tradition of the Prophet. Eid prayers attract thousands of worshippers followed by fun activities for the children.

International & Local Fundraising

Other community projects include the sponsorship and support of orphans and widows, annual Qurban project, Quraan competitions, yearly camps, monthly family picnics.

Youth Conference & Weekly Activities

Every year the HIYC holds a youth conference with activities for very young children to late teens, with informations sessions from MFB, CFA, AFP and live demonstrations from SES the event is jam packed with activities. During the event many guest mashayakh and prominent Muslim entertainers are invited to address the youth.

International & Local Guest Speakers

Through the year the HIYC uses its strong ties with the international Muslim community to invite revered speakers from around the world.

Annual Youth Camp

Every year the youth camp gets better, with amazing locations and activities, the camp brings together the youth from across the different states. Let the pictures do the talking!


HIYC aims to provide a safe and friendly environment for the youth of the local community that facilitates and promotes learning, a healthy and active lifestyle, the development of virtuous character and an enlightenment of the spirit based on Islamic principles.


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